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Angry Scrooge

Melissa --- Greek dog

I am reading Alan Furst’s latest novel: Spies of the Balkans. It is set in a small fishing town in Greece in the 1940's, just before and then during the invasion by Nazi Germany. The main protagonist is a Greek police official. Part of the story concerns his dog, Melissa --- honeybee --- "...a big girl, eighty pounds, with a thick soft black-and-white coat and a smooth face, long muzzle, and beautiful eyes — not unlike the Great Pyrenees." Melissa’s daily routine is described this way.

[She] started by walking him, a few blocks toward the office, to a point where instinct told her, he was not longer in danger of being attacked by wolves. Next, she returned home to protect the local kids on their way to school, then accompanied the postman on his rounds. That done, she would guard the chicken coop in a neighbor’s courtyard, head resting on massive paws. If a marauding fox didn’t show up, she’s wait until it was time to trot off to the school and see the kids safely home.

Nobody taught her any of this, it was all in her bloodline,.coming from the mountains, where her ancestors — perhaps descendants of Turkish Akbash dogs — guarded flocks but didn’t herd them. Thus she would never trot in front or behind her charges, but stayed always to one side. Watchful. And independent; when [the protagonist] had tried to put her on a lease she’d responded by lying down and refusing to move.

Sounds exactly like my kind of "girl".


Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.

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